Kerala State Co-operative Bank Housing Loan

General: Up to ₹30 lakh | Karshaka Awas: Up To ₹10 lakh | Top Up: Up to ₹5 lakh | Suvidha Home Loan: Up to ₹10 lakh

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Personal Loan

Up to ₹10 lakh for Government Employees | Up to ₹5 lakh for Regular Income Earners | Up to ₹5 lakh for Existing Borrowers | Up to ₹3 lakh for Head Load Workers | Up to ₹2 lakh for Recognized Organizations, Estate / Plantation Employees | Up to ₹1 lakh for Pensioners | Up to ₹10,000 for Street Vendors |

Mortgage Loan

Up to ₹40 lakh for any personal need like marriage, treatment, property purchase etc

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Express Gold Loan

General (12 months): Up to ₹2 lakh | Micro (1 Month): Up to ₹2 lakh | Mini (3 months): Up to ₹2 lakh | Standard (6 months): Up to 2 lakh | Star (9 months): Up to ₹2 lakh | Gold Overdraft (Period 12 months): Up to ₹40 lakh | Gold Term Loan (12 months/24 months): Up to ₹40 lakh |

Kisan Mithra Gold LoanKCC

Up to ₹3 lakh (duration 1 year) | Above ₹3 lakh (duration 5 year)

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Micro Finance

Up to ₹20 lakh for Self Help Groups (SHG) | Up to ₹10 lakh for Joint Liability Groups (JLG)

Sahaja Micro Finance Loan

(below 35 Age groups)
Up to ₹20 lakh for SHGs | Up to 10 lakh for JLG’s | For SHG/JLG of SAF (Society to Assistance to Fisher Women: Up to ₹2 lakh)

Kerala State Co-operative Bank MSME Loan

Suvidha: Up to ₹20 lakh per person | Mithra: Up to ₹40 lakh for small enterprises-For companies up to ₹1 crore | Yuva Mitra: Up to ₹40 lakh for young entrepreneurs-Up to ₹1 crore for companies of Young persons | GST Mitra: For individuals in the manufacturing, service and trade sectors up to ₹40 lakh and for companies up to ₹1 crore.

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Pravasi Kiran

Up to ₹24 lakh-For individual/company/co-operative societies |

Badratha Loans

Up to ₹5 lakh-For individual/company/co-operative societies

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Agricultural Loans

Long-term Agricultural Loan Up to ₹60 lakh for individuals/entrepreneurs | Micro Food Processing Enterprises Loan Up to ₹60 lakh for individual/partnership ventures | KISAN MITHRA (KCC) Loan For Agriculture/Allied sector Up to 3 lakh (duration 1 year) Above ₹3 Lakh (duration 5 year) | Loan for Self Help Group’s and Farmers under Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Kerala (VFPCK) Up to ₹3 lakh (duration 1 year)

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Deposit Schemes

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Suvidha Plus Loan

Up to 5 lakh For micro and small entrepreneurs - Interest from 9.5%, duration 5 years

Kerala State Co-operative Bank Vidhya Nidhi

Deposit Scheme for Children
(Age from 12 to 16, Class from 7 std to 10 std)
ATM, Mobile Banking Facility
Interest 4%
Special benefits for parents (preference for mother)
Insurance coverage up to 2 lakh for the parent


EMI Calculator

EMI Calculator - Calculate Equated Monthly Installment (EMI)
for Home Loan/Housing Loan, Car Loan, Personal loan and mortgage Loan.

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Fees and Service Charges

Pay for services associated with the purchase of the primary product or service

Relief From Risk Fund

In case of death of the borrower, financial assistance is available from the Kerala Cooperative Risk Fund Scheme.

Insurance for Deposits

Deposit insurance coverage up to 5 Lakhs through Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation

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Alert against online loan fraud

No online loan disbursement facility for Kerala Bank

It has come to the notice of the Bank that whatsapp messages demanding loan seekers to send some set of documents for disbursing loan have been sent and letter with the logo of the Bank have been sent...

Social Commitment

Kerala Bank supports V Care

Coming under the Department of Social Justice The V Care Security Mission has been providing financial assistance of up to Rs. 15 lakh for major treatments such as kidney, liver and bone marrow...


Kerala Bank-First in Asia

Kerala Bank has bagged the first position in Asia as per the World Cooperative Monitor report brought out by International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) with the scientific and technical support of the...