Children From 12 To 16 Years of Age Can Open This Account


Free SMS

DD Charge Free(maximum amount Rs 5000 per month Rs 30,000 P.Y)

RTGS/NEFT/IMPS free (outward) uptoRs 50,000 Per Year

Special privilege of education loan service charge free

ATM card /Mobile banking facility free

Fund Transfer Facility

Passbook Free

No special charge for termination of account

Account of the starting student’s parents (mother first preference) will receive bank’s privilege account 

Eligibility Criteria

12 to 16 years of age children/ 7-10 studying children


Restriction on transactions

ATM card withdrawal/ shopping limit should not exceed Rs 3000/- per day
Rs 15,000 per month (maximum withdrawal 4 month is free)

Required Documents/Specifications

Copy of KYC+ Birth Certificate
Copy of student ID card or letter from the authority of the educational where the child is studying.
Link to Aadhaar account


Annexure - 1
In the name of Mother’s/Father’s/Guardian

Additional Benefit

Free SMS

5% Rebate of Locker Rent (as per available)

ATM card /Mobile banking facility free

10 Cheque leaf free (per year)

Passbook Free

No special charge for termination of account

DBT Facility

Special Benefits

According to PMSBY Scheme accidental death/permanent disability uptoRs 2 lakhs insurance coverage. And for partial disability upto 1 lakh insurance coverage.

First year premium will be paid by the bank.

For those who does 2 years satisfactory transaction in the account will be allowed up to Rs. 2,000 Temporary OD (TOD) (subject to conditions). (Then the TOD can be increased up to 10,000 for good transaction)

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