Fees and Service Charges

(As per the Kerala Bank Board of Directors meeting Resolution No.2778 dated 27/03/2024)

Sl. No. Description of Service Rates/Charges
I Charge of cheque book 10 free cheques per financial year on all savings bank accounts. After that Rs.3.00 per cheque leaf. Rs.5 for personalized check leaf with name printed on it . Cheque book will be free for employees and retired employees. The cheque book for the CA/OD/CC account will be free to all customers.
II Charge for duplicate pass book Rs.100
III Charge of Ledger Folio  
(a) Current Account/Overdraft/Cash Credit Rs.200 / Year

(b)Savings Bank AccountRs. 50 / Year
IV Cheque return charges  
(a) Local cheque return charge Rs.250/-
  (b) O. B. C. Return charge Rs.250/-
  (c) ECS Debit / Inward Cheque Return Charges With Rs.300 / - per cheque / ECS debit returned from our account
V   Stop Payment Instruction Rs 200 per cheque. A maximum of Rs.500 in one time.
VI   DD / Pay Order Commission  
  (a) Up to Rs.1000 Rs.30
  (b) From Rs.1001 to Rs.10000 Rs.40
  (c) From Rs.10001 to Rs.100000 Rs.40 up to Rs. 10000 +
For every ten thousand rupees above ten thousand rupees Rs.5 each
  (d) Above one lakh rupees Rs.85 - up to Rs. 100000 +
For every thousand rupees above one lakh rupees Rs.1 each
VII   Commission on OBC, Inward Bills and DBC  
  (a) For amounts up to Rs.10,000 Rs.100
  (b) From Rs.10000 up to Rs.10 lakhs Rs.8 for every 10000 rupees or its part (minimum Rs.100)
  (c) Above Rs.10 lakhs Rs.7 for every 10000 rupees or its part (minimum Rs.892, maximum Rs.15000 )
VIII   Commission for Bank Guarantee Minimum Rs.2000 (0.9% per quarter), No maximum limit (Minimum 3 months). Commission must be collected at the time of issue and unused quarter can be refunded.
IX   Charge of Check discounting Rs.100 + OBC Commission +
Penalty interest applicable to overdraft
X   Loans and advances  
  1 Cost of Application form Rs.100
(Free for investment loans and gold loan)
  2 Rates for Loan processing 0.50% of the loan amount (Gold Loan / Investment Loan / SHG / JLG Loan will continue to have prevailing rates - no charge for employees)
  3 To repay the loan before the due date There are no charges if you pay from your own source after 2 years.
1% of the outstanding balance if paid from own sources 2 years ago.
If closed by acquisition by other banks : 2% of the outstanding balance.
    Charge of credit score Rs.250
    Inspection rate of loan collateral items Actual costs
XI   Others  
  1. Duplicate DD charge Rs.100
  2. DD re-evaluation Rs.100
  3. DD Cancellation Rs.100
  4. Security Deposit Receipt (EMD) Nil
  5. Termination of Account
(account closing)
    1.Current Account Rs.250
    2.Savings Bank Account Rs.100
  6. Recurring Deposit –
Penalty interest
2% (per month) for arrear installments
  7. For duplicate of investment receipt Rs.250
  8. Certificate showing no arrears Rs.100
  9. Certified or non-certified photocopy of documents or other old records A minimum of Rs 100 for any document up to 5 pages and Rs.5 for each extra page
  10. Solvency / Capability Certificate (for customers only) 0.10% of the solvency certificate amount.
Minimum amount Rs.1000 / - and maximum amount Rs.10000 / - per certificate
  11. Notice Charge Rs.30 for ordinary notice.
Rs.75 per registered notice.
If not these then the actual cost.
  12. Commitment Charges (OD / CC)
20 lakhs and above
If the average 50% of the withdrawal limit was not used, 0.25% of the difference between the withdrawal limit and the balance in the account.
  13. In case of loss of  token of gold mortgage loan Rs.50
  14. If various statements are specifically required The first statement will be free. Thereafter Rs.10 per page.
  15. Premature closing charges for deposits collected by collection agents  
    Premature closing up to 6 months Premature closing charge Rs.100 + GST
(Until then, the commission + GST paid to the collection agent for the collection of the said deposit will be deducted from the deposit. No interest will be paid on such closing deposits.)
    Premature closing after 6 months to 1 year Premature closing charge Rs.100 + GST
(No interest will be paid on such closing deposits. Until then, the commission paid to the collection agent for the collection of the said deposit will not be deducted from the deposit.)

Premature closing after 1 year

Premature closing charge Rs.100 + GST

(For deposits closed in this way, interest shall be paid at the rate payable at the time of closing the deposit before maturity. The commission paid to the collection agent for the collection of the said deposit will not be deducted from the deposit

  16. Renewal rates for all types of  CC / OD Equivalent to processing charge (On the occasion of renewal of agreement and pronote).
  17. To issue Credit Opinion, Report and Liability Certificate to other banks as per customer requirement At least Rs.150 per application + GST
  18. Penalty for late payment of locker rent 2% of outstanding locker rent (Monthly)
  19. EMD within one month of deposit. Cancellation rate Rs.100
  20. Charge of Locker opening Free 4 times a month. At Rs.50 for each subsequent opening
  21. Charges for the Break open of the locker in case you lose the key Rs 1000 +  The actual cost of breaking the locker and fitting the new lock
  22. Locker security deposit. Minimum 3 years locker rental and break open charges. (But not mandatory for existing locker tenants)
  23. Copy of the payment issued cheque Rs.100
  24. When secure custody of the gold loan packet is required after the gold loan amount has been repaid in full. Rs.100 per month (minimum Rs.100)
  25. Gold auction rate  
    Up to Rs.25000 Rs.50 + Actual cost
    From Rs.25001 to 50000 Rs.100 + Actual cost
    From Rs.50001 to 100000 Rs.250 + Actual cost
    Above Rs.100000 Rs.500 + Actual cost

26SMS ChargesRs. 100 / Year (Rs. 25 / Quarter *)

27RTGS Charges (Through Branches)

 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs - Rs. 25/-

Above 5 lakhs - Rs. 50/-

NEFT Charges (Through Branches)

Up to Rs. 10000 - Rs. 2.50/-

Above Rs.10000 and up to Rs.2 lakhs - Rs. 15

Above 2 Lakhs. - Rs. 25/-

28.ATM Card Annual ChargesRs. 100

29.ATM Card Replacement ChargesRs. 100
  30. All other costs and rates not specified in this chart Actual cost

  • No service charges will be levied on co-operative societies.
  • GST and Cess will be levied on ordinary customers along with service charges.
  • Kerala Bank employees and retired employees will be eligible for a 50% discount on the above rates.
  • No service charge for demand draft will be levied on retired employees.
  • Checks submitted for CTS clearing do not require commission.