Primary Agriculture Credit Societies (PACS), Plays an important role in the Short Term Co-operative Credit System (STCCS) of Indian economy.

PACS Development Cells are functioning in Kozhikode Regional Office, Idukki and Kasaragod CPCs of Kerala Bank to empower the PACS through Business Planning, Resource Planning, Profit Planning and by Legal, institutional, financial and technical reforms by implementing a Co-operative Development action Plan with clear Targets to achieve.

All PACS were given feedback forms to suggest ways and means to overcome the problems they face in building their organization in to a quality self-sustaining and financially sound one. Data of all PACS collected after preparing suitable questionnaire and formats circulated among them. Participatory planning workshops of Presidents and Secretaries were conducted and valuable feedback and suggestions on the methods of empowerments were gathered.

Various training programmes are conducted to the Directors and Staff of PACS on the basis of needs assessment for the up gradation of skill and knowledge. In the back drop of increasing frauds, several classes onCyber security and for increasing Agricultural Loans, class on KCC were conducted recently with NABARD assistance. Training in HRM, Staff matters, Role of Directors, Motivation and Change Management, Financial Planning, Know your Bank, Detection of Fake Notes and Fake Gold, Documentation and Scrutiny of Title Deeds, KYC and Money laundering, Preventive Vigilance, Income Tax and GST were conducted at various intervals.

Review Meetings were conducted at periodical intervals for evaluating the performance of PACS. Quick Review of Performance of PACS were undertaken analysing Important business parameters and Corrective course of action Suggested wherever necessary.

In view of the changing business environment, PACS are finding it difficult to survive on banking business alone and diversification of business of PACS is gaining importance. PACS Development Cell is extending necessary guidance to develop PACS as self-sustaining multi service centres and to equip them to undertake viable projects with Kerala Bank and NABARD assistance under PACS AS MSC Scheme.

There is substantial improvement in the Performance of PACS due to the concerted efforts taken by PACS Development Cell. The future plans of PACS Development Cell include formulating Programmes to develop PACS as self-sustaining vibrant Multi Service Centers with emphasis on Technology up gradation, Skill development.

PACS Development Cell also works as an effective link between Kerala Bank and PACS.