Personal Loan schemes of Kerala Bank for various purposes


Purpose For meeting any personal needs/genuine requirements of individuals like marriage, treatment, buying of land et. The term 'individuals' shall include individual partners, sole proprietors and partnership institutions.
Loan limit Maximum of Rs. 40 lakh.
Repayment period 10 years (Maximum 120 monthly instalments - EMI)
Age Minimum age of 21 years. Maximum – 70 years (Under any circumstances the age limit of the person, whose income is considered among the applicants,is to be reckoned.
Eligibility / Beneficiaries Individuals (Salaried, Non-Salaried, Business Persons),Sole Proprietors, Partner/Proprietor, partnership institutions.
Guarantee Land taken as collateral security. Land must be at least 3 cents in Corporation and Municipal areasand at least 5 cents in panchayats respectively. Agricultural land will not be taken as collateral. For loans above Rs 10 lakh, 4-wheeler access to property is mandatory

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