Kerala Bank Home Loan Scheme for construction, renovation, purchase of new or old house/flat

Purchase of house, Construction of house, Purchase of site and construction, repairs/maintenance thereon etc. for farmers (in agriculture, agricultural-allied sectors)

Loan limit Maximum Rs. 10.00 lakh for purchase/for construction of new house.
Maximum Rs. 5.00 lakh for repairs/renovations
Repayment period up to a maximum of 20 years
(240 monthly installments)
Age Repair/renovation/beautification
Maximum 10 years for EVA Minimum age is 21 years and maximum is 70 years (based on the age limit of the persons considering income for repayment in the applicant).
  • All agriculturists (owning/leasing) and cultivating agricultural land of more than 1 acres.
  • Agriculturists engaged in allied activities, persons in allied activities like dairy, Poultry/planters, Horticulturists etc.

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