For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Loan Schemes of Kerala Bank


This loan scheme is for Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.
Given to small-scale traders, businessmen. This scheme will help youths & new entrepreneurs who are self-employed in ensuring financial security. This is given for starting new enterprises & for renovation of existing enterprises. This is given as Term Loan.
Quantum of Finance For companies maximum 1crore.
For individuals maximum of Rs. 40 lakh
Age Minimum age of 21 years and under any circumstances the repayment period should not exceed the day on which the applicant attains age of 70 years
Repayment period
  • Maximum period of 84 months by way of Equated Monthly Installment including moratorium of 6 months
Nature of Facility Term Loan and/or Working capital or both (Fund Based and Non-Fund Based)

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