Kerala Bank's Loan scheme for Medium, long-term Agriculture needs

NABARD Re-finance

To finance those in agriculture and agriculture allied sectorsfor their Medium- and long-term credit needs. The loan is given for cultivation of perennial horticulture/plantation crops and of various value-added products capable of doubling the income of farmers in the sector and income generating allied activities.
Eligibility Individuals, proprietary/partnership concerns/companies etc.
Quantum of Finance
  • For individuals - Maximum of Rs. 60 lakhs (Based on NABARD unit cost)
  • For entrepreneurs/companies, as per the NABARD guide lines for refinance
Nature of Loan Term Loan
Repayment period Maximum period of 15 years with necessary gestation period as per NABARD guidelines
  • Hypothecation of assets created /crops
  • If the primary security is not sufficient to cover the valuation, collateral security may be insisted
  • Altogether collateral security of 150% is needed

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